Mike Cornette

Mike Cornette

Mike Cornette has been a jazz host on All Night Jazz since 2010 and Jazz Director since 2016. After an early stint in jazz radio, Mike went on to enjoy a wide-ranging and comprehensive career in the music industry. Now he’s come back home to his jazz roots blending his experiences with jazz artists and the music world to bring a unique perspective to WUSF.

Mike says his favorite food is anything cooked on the grill.

“The online bios for a company I once consulted for were just loaded with all kinds of unusual accomplishments. So I just listed ‘Grill Master’ and left it at that.’”

Mike’s favorite jazz song is On Green Dolphin Street.

“I heard the Miles Davis version early on and it’s just always on my mind. Bill Evan’s piano intro reminds me of a church bell and the individual solos by all the players are all so memorable. I still get goose bumps when I hear it.”

Since his arrival Mike has instituted several new features on All Night Jazz including Jazz Trip@Ten, Focus Artist of the Week, and many others. You can join him Thursday through Saturday at 9:00 PM.