Steve Splane

Steve Splane

Steve Splane returned to the Tampa Bay area in 2017 after working for 30 years in New York City as a journalist. He worked in radio, TV and online news at CBS News, ABC News and others. He collected multiple awards along the way, including an Emmy and an Edward R. Murrow award.  A USF grad, Steve has found himself (most improbably) working for the second time as a jazz host at WUSF, 38 years after he left Tampa to pursue his journalism career. He lives in Pinellas County with his fiancé, and enjoys bike riding at the beach and photographing jazz concerts for WUSF.

Steve’s favorite food of late is the Cuban sandwich at Bodega in downtown St. Petersburg.

“Because it’s an original take on a classic.”

His favorite jazz song is God Bless the Child by Eric Dolphy, for the same reason.